Saturday, October 20, 2007

Violence against Christians

The Editor The Hindu Chennai. Sir, The report that two Christian preachers were severely beaten up by Hindu activists makes sad reading (May 9). But, it is heart wrenching for me to see fundamentalist Christians assert that they alone are the holders of valid visas to heaven and paradise! Many preachers of the Gospel lay enticing traps for people whom they think must be "saved" at all costs. It is worse still that their attitudes, though they (Christians) are a tiny minority in India, often create counter-reaction from among militant Hindus who sometimes incite violence against Christians. The Hindu fundamentalism is a reaction to the provocations of Christian proselytizers. I hope that the fanatics among the Christian faith will soon realize that theirs is a losing battle even if they derive their financial and other means of support from the wealthy nations overseas. Militant Islam and evangelical Christianity are the two remaining Neanderthals who are still committed to proselytization and religious conversions. India will continue to remain hospitable to all religions only if the Muslim fanatics and the Christian fundamentalists will accept the pluralistic tradition of Hindus which is to consider all religions as equal. Pluralistic Christians and liberated Muslims of India have done that. The overwhelming majority of Hindus practice it. P.N.BENJAMIN 7, 3rd Cross Da Costa Square Bangalore 560 084 Tel. 2580 0647 10/05/07

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