Saturday, September 11, 2010

Attacks against Christians: Justice Saldanha's Bluff


The Compass News has reported:” Christians in Karnataka State are under an unprecedented wave of Christian persecution, having faced more than 1,000 attacks in the last 500 days, according to an independent investigation by a former judge of the Karnataka High Court”

But, “the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) has recorded only 72 attacks on Christians in 2009. That represents a decline from 112 attacks the previous year”.

It proves that Justice Saldanha’s allegation that there were 1,000 attacks against Christians in Karnataka during the last 500 days is utterly false and outrageous, and the reality easily verifiable. The allegation reflects his shocking ignorance about the real religious situation in Karnataka.

But, people like me who have access to the media and who are still in control of our Betz cells know that all such propaganda is being peddled in the name of a bogey man called Sangh Parivar! If any one is honest in his analysis, the so-called Sangh Parivar, it is certainly the outcome of the actions of the arch conversionists of Christianity and the Jehadi Muslims who challenge the religious sensitivities of the Hindu majority in the State.

Mr. Saldanha should apologize for his irresponsible and unsubstantiated comments; he should also check and recheck facts before deciding to disparage Hindu ‘extremists’ in public. In this day and age, when greater inter religious understanding and mutual respect is the need of the hour, levelling wild accusations that do not have any foundation, in fact, can hardly help matters.

The Sangh Parivar bogey man will disappear if Saldanha and his Catholic Bishops and the Protestant Evangelical leaders will come out openly and affirm that they are taking a solemn pledge in the name of Jesus to abide by the admonition of Jesus not to go miles to make a proselyte. If they can do that, the so-called Sangh Parivar will disappear

India and its tolerance for the diversity of its religious communities were built up over thousands of years. But, it looks like if individuals like Saldanha and his like-minded friends are not checked and their false propaganda nipped in the bud, your children and the children of India's minorities will have no future anywhere near the equity and fairness that they have so far enjoyed despite India being a predominantly Hindu nation.

I marvel and admire the enormous charity and Christ-like compassion of the Hindu majority to accept two Muslim Presidents, a Sikh President and a Dalit President and at present a Sikh Prime Minister and a foreign-born Christian woman Party Leader of the ruling party.Not forgetting the present Christian Defence Minister, Anthony. No Islamic or Judeo-Christian country on this world's stage can hold a candle to the wisdom of the majority people of India who truly know what Sanatana Dharma is. It is high time that Mr.Saldanha and his protagonists make an attempt to appreciate that. That would be a true Christian,s humility if that is indeed possible for them to manifest

Is there a true Christian leader among us who can light a candle amidst the encircling gloom spread by the religious conversionists of both funddamental Christianity and Jehadi Islam?

Peace, Shanti, Salam and Shalom. With malice towards none, and charity towards all, I remain true to my guide and spiritual leader, the Jesus of Nazareth.


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