Friday, December 24, 2010

Responses to SONG OF MARY


Jeykar Jerome

Many thanks for your Christmas message. Frankly I had never thought of the Magnifact in this way. Wishing you and Mrs Benjamin (your only wife !) a Blessed Christmas and God's blessings all through the New Year.
Veena & Jayakar

Dear brother,

Thank you for the engaging article with the usual original look at history and the scripture.
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Love and regards,


Mark Tully

The Song of Mary

Dear Benjamin, Many thanks for your theological Christmas card. Best
wishes to you and your family for Christmas and the New Year. Mark


Dear Mr Benjamin,

Thank you for the beautiful song.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy New year.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,
M V Nadkarni


Thank you Mr. Benjamin.
"sarve janah sukhinO bhavnatu" is the centarl thought that our Indian people are advised to remember always.
THE SONG OF MARY holds the same rich thought and it is universal.
I still remember from a lesson - Sermon on the mount- in my high school (1955) english book - Blessed are the Meek, for
they shall inherit the earth. Also another lesson I remember from Gurudev Tagore's Githanjali " strike, strike at the root of penury in my heart". Sometime I wonder the story of humans world over seems to has some thing else to say - obsession with acquisition and control.
No wonder Che Guvera said "My revolution stems from my love of my people". Society is being constantly and deliberately disturbed by
the modern merchants with impunity. The silent suffering cry of billions - from all forms of life - is deafening.

Sister Amala

Thanks !!!
Wishing you too a blessed and gracefilled Christmastide and a New Year that fulfills many of our deep desires to see the Reign of God established.
Keep up the good work !!!

Sr. Amala, 101 Maria Kripa Apts II,
12 Davis Rd, St Thomas Tn,
Bangalore 560084 Tel: 080-25470645
Susan Varkey

Dear Benjichayam and Maychechy,
Wish you Happy and Meaningful Christmas( in whichever way you define the word)
How is Nina and family? I had heard about Nina 's hospitalization.Thank God she is okay.
What's Maychechy up to these days?
Here we are fine. We get about 10 days of vacation. Our boys )who are away in University) will come home for Christmas.Looking forward to it
Any trips to Kerala planned?
Love and prayers, Susan.

Dr. David Scot

Dear PNji,

(Apologies for the devanagari script; my computer doesn't have the appropriate script for Kannada.

Hearty thanks for the meditation on the Magnificat, a truly revolutionary document. Indeed this is a fitting cap for the other two documents -- the USCIRF Report on Karnataka and Mark Tully's lecture -- you have sent recently.

All in all, this comes with hearty expectation and hope that the cosmic revolution initiated by the birth of the Christ will come a little closer to fulfilment in the New Year ahead.

Peace and Joy,
David Scotachen

Maher Spurgeon Madras C hristian College

Dear Brother Benjamin

Thank you for your thought provoking Christmas Thought.
Wish you a merry Christmas and a blessed New Year
Madras Christian College

Rev. Kiran Sebastian

Dear Mr Benjamin,
This comes to thank you for your meaningful and powerful words - as usual they offer much to reflect upon and challenge us to be open to the invasion of the spirit.
Wishing you and your family all the very best for a meaningful and happy Christmas and a new year filled with invigorating hope.
With many greetings and warm good wishes,

Rev. Dr. J. Jayakiran Sebastian
7301 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19119-1794

FRANCIS Good neighbor

Dear Mr. Benjamin,
An analytical and powerful message on the eve of Christmas!
God bless you and keep you in good health and spirits!


Rev. Dr. M.J.Joseph

Dear friend

May the song of Mary be heard from the Churches, the temples .mosques and the pagoddas.May it help the worshipper to bow his/her kness and touch the earth for Peace on Earth.

Wishing you the blessings of the Almighty.



Dear PNB,

Thanks for the most inspiring reflection on the Magnificat. I do hope it will sink deeply into the minds of those who read it.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you both a meaningful Christmas and a peaceful New year.

Warm Regards,

Rev.Dr.Mani Chacko, Ph.D( Lond.)
Ecumenical Christian Centre
Post Bag 11
Bangalore - 560066
Telephone : 0091 80 2845 3158 ( Direct )
0091 80 2845 2270

Dear PN

What an appropriate thought on this festive occasion.You have rightly concluded it by your last two paragraphs.
Thank you and wishing you and your family all the best during this Chistmas and for ever.

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