Thursday, December 29, 2011

Plight of Dalit Christians- a response

From: Fr. Benjamin Chinnappan

Dear sir,

I read your article that you wrote in the Decan Herlad about the the Plight of the Dalit Christians. Although it was two decades ago, the situation has not improved a lot among the dalit Christians. Every word you wrote is very sharp and challenges the conscience of the Indian Catholic Church. I studied in Bangalore at St.Peter's Seminary during 1980-90 but our formation never focussed on the reality of the Indian church. Your article is definitely very powerful to meditate on the passion of our Lord. As you know, most of the bishops, priests and nuns hail from the Upper Caste Community, they do not want to acknowledge their guilt. Due to blind faith, illiteracy and poverty, the dalit Christians could not claim for their equal rights even upto this day. The Catholic church in India cannot put this drama all the time. The show will come to an end.

Father Ben, USA.
29 Dec. 2011

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